How to Get More Exercise at Home

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Are you spending more time at home than you normally do? Maybe you are in isolation right now, or you can’t leave for a while for other reasons. This is when you need to try a little harder to get exercise without being able to just be active in your community or go to the gym.

Know How Active You Are

To start with, it helps to be more aware of how active you are. It is really easy to either under or overestimate your activity level, which might keep you from adding exercises as needed. If it is possible, get an activity tracker like a Fitbit or Apple watch. These can be worn all day, and will show you the number of steps you take, how many calories you burn, and the general activity level. You will know if you should be trying a little harder, or if it is okay to take it easy.

Movement While Doing Other Things

In addition to your workouts, you can also increase your activity every day simply by combining movements with other things. For example, if you are brushing your teeth, you are usually just standing there. You can be squatting or walking in place during this time, and it won’t affect your teeth brushing.

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Some other options include walking back and forth or doing lunges while on the phone, standing or walking while playing fetch with your dogs instead of sitting, or doing some movement in the kitchen while your food is cooking.

More Chores Means More Movement

Another great way to get more exercise at home is by choosing chores around the house that get your body moving. Now is a great time to clean out your closet, which can actually burn quite a few calories and work up a sweat. Maybe you want to clean out the garage or the refrigerator, organize your cabinets, do some deep cleaning, or just more physical chores in general.

Sneak in 5-10 Minutes in the Morning and Evening

When you start and finish your day, sneak in about 5-10 minutes of extra exercise. Something gentle that is easy to do and doesn’t require equipment or turning on your computer. Maybe this is a gentle stretch in the morning, and some nighttime yoga, squats or lunges, walking for a few minutes, or doing something active with your kids.

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